Traumeel Cream

Traumeel cream is a trademarked homeopathic remedy that is used to treat muscle aches and inflammation. The cream is made from fourteen different botanical ingredients as well as several minerals. Homeopathic doses of Arnica,  chamomile and calendula are a few of the herbs that the cream contains.

Homeopathy was founded by a German physician by the name of Samuel Hahnemann. He discovered that many different symptoms could be treated by mixing small doses of minerals and herbs. Homeopathic medications are most often taken in a pill form or applied as a cream.

Scientifically based modern homeopathic products, such as Traumeel, provide a safe and efficient alternative to avoid the side effects of many drugs for the treatment of symptoms such as injuries, pain, sleeplessness, muscle cramping, allergies, sinuses, and many more. Stimulate your body's own natural defense with gentle, yet effective medications.

How to Apply Traumeel Cream

First you should apply ice or a cold pack to the area that has been injured or is swelling. Don't apply the ice directly to the skin. Wrap the ice or cold pack in a cloth or towel first. Next you must elevate the injured area. Try to elevate the injury above your heart if possible. Now you can apply it all around the inflamed muscle. If your wrist is swelling, apply the cream all the way around your wrist and be sure to use a significant amount. 

Use plastic wrap or a tight bandage to stop the swelling from getting out of hand. An injury that is becoming inflamed should be kept under pressure and elevated for at least twenty four hours if possible.

Use the remedy three times a day to maximize the speed of healing and to keep the pain suppressed. Re-wrap the injury in plastic wrap or bandage if the swelling has not calmed.

An alternative to applying Traumeel cream is to take the tablets orally. Do whichever method is more convenient for you, but never use both at the same time unless you are instructed to do so by your homeopath or doctor.