Traumeel Cream Review

Traumeel cream is a medicated cream that helps to relieve pain. It is similar to other gels as you simply apply the cream to the area of your body that hurts. The description on the package states that it provides fast relief from muscle pain and inflammation. There are countless creams out there that claim to provide relief from pain, but after I tried Traumeel I found that it was quite effective. My husband and I first tried it when we strained our muscles during an exercise class.

I can’t stand oily creams that leave your skin feeling greasy and slippery. I applied Traumeel cream to my shoulders and upper back and found that it dried quickly and left no residue behind. It was perfect. I put my shirt on and went to work and later found that it didn’t stain my shirt like other pain relief creams had.

My husband and I have both tried several other brands of creams, but we found that even if a cream was effective, it would often smell terrible. For this reason, we couldn’t apply them in the morning and had to suffer the pain all day. When I tried applying it in the morning, the light scent disappeared after a few short minutes and I was able to be pain free all day.

The most important factor of course is how fast the pain relief is. Let me tell you, this remedy works surprisingly fast and lasts a long time. The relief lasted all the way until lunch time, which is when I applied the cream again. I applied it once more before I went to bed and amazingly my upper back was completely pain free in the morning. I didn’t need to apply the cream anymore.