Heel Traumeel

For more than 30 years, Heel USA has provided effective and gentle medications to doctors and patients. Heel's most popular product is Traumeel. It is a completely natural medication that treats injuries such as sprains and bruises at the source instead of just covering up the symptoms of pain. Its impressive safety profiles and efficacy are backed by several scientific studies.

"Traumeel works by decreasing the uncomfortable side effects of redness and swelling after an injury like non-steriodal anti-inflammatory drugs do. However, unlike ibuprofen Traumeel works on a different part of the body's cellular response to that injury. The oral drops can be used on the top of the tongue. There is also a topical form that can be used on top of the injury. There is no risk of over dosage and there is very little in the way of side effects. Additionally, Traumeel can be taken with other medicines that the healthcare practitioner prescribes for the patient."

- Joan Lewis, MD

"I recommend Heel products to my patients because I find them to be effective with a high patient satisfaction and tolerance. Patients need to explore their treatment options because they're an individual and ultimately what it comes to is an individual therapy for an individual patient. I've been using Heel products for 23 years now and I've noticed that more and more patients are beginning to ask for natural therapies. I've had great success with these products."

- David Riley, MD

These homeopathic medicines are made with very small doses of natrual ingredients that stimulate the body's natural ability to heal itself. Each ingredient has been carefully selected to address a certain part of the healing process and to work with the other natural ingredients in order to help your body heal itself.

It's time to take a more active role in what we put in and on our bodies. Learn more about the full line of Heel products that are safe for the whole family. Heel health care, designed by nature.